Aka my week: picture edition
  1. Hey sky, hello.
    The alley that leads to my favorite place in Columbus- the book loft. A literal house with every room dedicated to a different genre and ALSO plays music that matches.
  2. Day bath + Volume 3 of TWATD
    How cute of them to match??💗
  3. Look I love all soups equally but not really, this one is the best.
  4. U see dis?!
    My manicurist makes the best of my horrible, torn up hands.
  5. Me and my moleskin and new pages full of nothing but pure joy.
    I'm so happy it hurts.
  6. Also ok, I don't want to brag but I finished off the perfect week by kissing the face of this actual angel.
    wait no I'm totally bragging. 10/10 kisser