1. Because the celebrities who have passed this year were people, not just icons.
  2. Most of them have spouses, partners, kids and close friends.
  3. And when you make those comments-
  4. Like "2016, don't you touch Carrie Fisher",
  5. You're almost making her eventual passing a joke.
    Something you use as a crutch for internet popularity.
  6. And that joke is seen by the people she's left behind, who believe it or not, don't find her passing funny.
  7. And neither do I.
  8. What you have to first remember when you hear that someone has died is that someone, for example in Carrie Fisher's case her daughter Billie, is having the worst day of her life.
    She's lost her mom, her best friend. This isn't Princess Lei to her! And she deserves to have that fact respected.
  9. So let's leave the awful, tacky behavior of making death a hashtag behind in 2016.
  10. Thanks!