here, these are for your ears
  1. Taken by Tiny Fireflies
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    80's vibes so hard
  2. Feel Better by Hodera
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    don't ask me how many times that I've sang this chorus at the top of my lungs bc there is no real #
  3. Roses by Chainsmokers
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    jam song. end of
  4. Get Good by St South
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    jam song ft me in my underwear
  5. Going Home by Asgeir
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    this song is the audio version of sex hair, ya feel?
  6. Slip by Elliot Moss
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    winter, I am ready 4 u
  7. Not Going Home by Great Good Fine Ok
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    gonna put this on a cassette tape for the road trip to outerspace
  8. 19 by Leo Stannard
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    the acoustic version is also 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
  9. Joey by Agua Roja
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    don't have a lot to say about this one other than it makes me cry and I don't care to explain why just yet.
  10. Crimson by Noah Kenton
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    lots of yes
  11. Genghis Khan by Miike Snow
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    new by an old fave. anyone wanna slide around in their socks w/me?
  12. Throw Down Your Guns by Wild Belle
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    "give me a hit of amnesia so that I can forget that I need ya", like I'll have what she's having plz
  13. Free Animal by Foreign Air
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    ok ok ok, i see u, I hear u
  14. Eyes Shut by Years & Years
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    "nothing's gonna hurt me with my eyes shut..." same if I try hard enough.
  15. One And Only by Royal Tongues
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    this song makes me feel like spring is right around the corner even though our first official snow was yesterday and all I do is cry
  16. Pride by American Authors
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    anthem asF
  17. We Won't by Jaymes Young + Phoebe Ryan
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    actually been listening to this for months but especially this week.