been doing the heavy lifting for a long time now and these are the things that have given my heart the most kindness.
  1. baths
    I was never very into them until I worked at Lush. Now I grab a book or an album to listen to and I do some soaking. (If you want a magical experience, mix the Rose Jam bubbleroon + Sakura bath bomb. RIP other baths)
  2. Pride & Prejudice
    The main characters kiss ONE TIME the whole movie- ONE TIME, IT IS SO PURE!! So yes, I'm a sap and it's a cheesy love story and v typical white girl, but if you're feelin a bit bummed about the whole love thing irl, this is a good movie to heal to. Oh + sassy Elizabeth is sassy, I 💗 it.
  3. write ur thoughts
    When I stopped giving a fuck about if the writing was pretty or "publishable", that's when I got the most out doing it. There's a lot of stuff that sounds very "y doesn't he luv me", but fuck, man, why doesn't he? Write that shit out, it helps!
  4. friend time is da best time
    Isolation is important because good friendships can be ruined if you try and place all of the heavy weight on the people you love. But too much isolation makes you rotten inside. TRUE STORY OK LISTEN: my friend Jess asked me to hang + I didn't want to because I thought I would be too much of a bummer but I went and she surprised me with a friendship love letter and a bottle of vodka. Friends want to see you, ok?!! Don't rot!
  5. puppies and kittens
    For serious, go to a pet store and hold little puppies and kittens bc it makes them happy too and idk anything more heart-happy then making a baby animal's day.
  6. cook yourself a meal
    I'm not talking about putting a pizza in the oven or making a bowl of ramen. Get some fine ass ingredients from the store and throw them together and then eat that creation. I don't know why cooking is so therapeutic but I'm telling you that it is.
  7. find a new playlist
    Spotify has playlists for EV ER Y THING. Seriously. Pick one and put it on shuffle. Stumbling upon a song you haven't heard before that makes you feel a little bit more you is just...🎀
  8. new friends new u
    Let me elaborate on this one: if things are crappy for you, one of the most common reasons why is because somebody in your life is toxic and making you feel small. Cut that person the heck out. Invite somebody better in. I know how hard that is. I struggle so much with making new friends. I worry that they won't like me for one of a million reasons, or that they'll end up hurting me too…but chances are that someone better will only make YOU better. Better friends 2k16!
  9. cut back on social media
    Deciding to rarely go on the internet more than a few times here and there was THE best decision I've made in awhile. Your brain feels lighter without all of the incoming tweets and posts and likes and shares and haters and OH MY GOD, seriously. Just cut back. And then cut back some more. You'll start to see how little it matters. How much the people around you and the stuff you can actually TOUCH are all that truly does. Fuck ur online image. Who are you really without it?