Based on my Dad, of course.
  1. Watching Downtown Abbey
  2. Going to Home Depot on the weekend
    also Costco
  3. Drinking decaf tea, because caffeine "wears me out".
  4. Wearing socks with sandals.
  5. Wondering what Michelle Branch has been up to the past few years.
  6. Reading the paper before going to bed, instead of in the morning.
  7. Asking if I knew about the new Nutella donuts at Tim Hortons.
    I didn't. They're awesome.
  8. Reading The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series to better understand their teenage daughter.
    He really did this, I promise.
  9. Tuning in for 60 minutes every Sunday.
  10. Pretending to be an elephant when they sneeze.
  11. Reminding me that I missed the era of true rock and roll.
    Listen dad.
  12. Wondering out loud, frequently, when they're getting grandkids.
  13. Asking "Did you see this? Celine. Stop what you're doing. Did you SEE this?" Whenever he comes across any media with Trump in it.
  14. Giving the sweatiest hugs right after they just worked outside for a few hours.
  15. Opening my door in the morning before he goes to work, to check and make sure I'm home and safe.
    He's the best Dad. I'm really lucky.