but don't
  1. bacon.
    I'm not kidding when I say that I used bacon as an excuse not to go vegetarian since the beginning of time. And unlike some items on here, there's no substitute for it that's in any way comparable. However, now that I'm distanced from it, I honestly don't even think about it...That much.
  2. burgers.
    You ever had a black bean burger? or a Hilary's Worlds Best Veggie Burger? Or literally any substitute for a meat patty?? They're better than the real deal. Slap one between a bun with a bunch of veggies and you'll never turn back.
  3. chicken nuggets.
    Chik'n has the same taste and texture but it's soy (I believe) so it's way better for you and THERE IS BUFFALO AND BBQ FLAVOR SO OK I AM IN LOVE.
  4. chicken noodle soup.
    Amy's makes an amazing no-chicken noodle soup that tastes EXACTLY the same. I've had it when I got the flu and it actually brought me back to life.
  5. ramen noodles.
    You can still eat 'em! The oriental flavor is vegan!! (I think it's the Maruchan not Top Ramen but I forget. Look at the ingredients on the back to double check)
  6. tacos.
    Veggie tacos have so much more going on and normally INCLUDE guac so basically I'm actually saving money by being vegetarian 🙌🏻 (also, Taco Bell lets you substitute beans for meat, so you can still get your drunk on but without the accompanying diarrhea)
  7. look, this isn't a recruitment list where I try and get you all to go vegetarian. it's more so an encouragement for anyone considering making the transition that isn't sure if they can do it.
  8. i enjoy eating so much more these days because I seek out the good stuff!
  9. PLUS, I know there's this misconception that being vegetarian costs more money but that's actually not true at all.
  10. fruits and veggies are cheaper than meat at the store and have more versatility. It's only when you want the gourmet stuff that it gets expensive.
  11. and ok one last thing. tofu is AMAZING and it tastes different according to how you cook and season it, it's never the same twice and if you can find a Chinese place that sells it fried?? you'll die of happiness.