weight loss goals are so 2015
  1. No dating.
    This is the year of ME. The year of friends and happiness and inner strength. I'm tired of letting myself fall for the wrong guy and having to pull myself out of the pain for months on end. So this is the year of no boys. Just me!
  2. Water until it hurts.
    Water until the peeing is part of my personality. Water in an almost inconvenient way.
  3. Books over sleep.
    Reading is something that I love more than anything else on this earth and I let it fall to the wayside this past year. So even if I have to sacrifice an extra hour of sleep for it, I will make sure reading is a priority.
  4. The word no, as often as I want to use it.
    Too many times this past year, I said yes to people and events because I was afraid of "wasting" my life. But I have found comfort in accepting the fact that I enjoy alone time more than clubbing. I like watching movies by myself and reading and writing and taking baths more than I enjoy forcing myself into social situations that I want to leave as soon as I get there. So-yes to things when I want them! No to things when I do not!
  5. The year of God.
    Is it weird to talk about my relationship with God on the Internet? I don't care. The thing that saved me the most during this difficult year was turning towards God and living in the Grace that He gave me. I want to keep doing this, every single day for the rest of my life. Not just 2016.
  6. Journaling!
    I bought a One Line A Day journal at the beginning of December and after a month of consistently taking the time each night to write in it, I have found that it is so beautiful to look back and remember things I otherwise would have forgotten. I can't wait to be able to do that after a whole year!
  7. Solo trip, AKA me + the universe.
    This one is a bit of a stretch, but I figured I get to have one silly goal this year while I do the rest of my v.responsible and adult stuff. Basically, I want to take a plane by myself and explore a different city for a night or two and then come home a little different.