1. When I was younger, everything was for "forever" for me.
    School, Christmas Mass, my first love, my second, my love for blue raspberry flavored products (which I'm now just so-so on).
  2. And gradually, as time went on and things changed, I started to accept that nothing is permanent.
  3. Everything is fleeting. Everything.
  4. All you can do is enjoy something while its present and real in your life & hope for the best.
  5. My best friend, who I've been friends with for almost 4 years now, is my favorite person on earth. She's the first person I've ever imagined a lifelong friendship with because she's the first friendship I've WORKED at.
    We fight, we communicate, we forgive.
  6. So it's been very hard for me to accept that this might be the last chapter in our friendship.
  7. She's been dating a guy who, while very pleasant and good to her, is not the best match for her. They have differences in religion and also a pretty bad difference in their sex drives.
    As in he doesn't have one. At all.
  8. Despite that though, they're both discussing marriage and she's coming to me, wanting me to be excited and happy for her.
  9. And I WANT to be. I do. But I know that their differences will eventually lead to divorce and I'm not sure how I can stand back and force fake happiness so that she can make a decision which will ultimately hurt her.
  10. She brings this up very frequently, which I think she hopes will eventually change my mind.
  11. But it only makes me increasingly more uncomfortable.
  12. And I know that eventually her and I will go separate ways as she begins her life with him.
  13. She'll make new friends and so will I. That's just the way of life.
  14. Like I said, I know all about the impermanence of everything around me, including my own life.
  15. I only wish I understood why.
  16. Maybe I'm a shitty person.
  17. If anyone has any advice for me on this, I'd so love to hear your opinion.