Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. Oh boy, here we go.
  2. Where to begin, where to begin.
  3. I was pretty good in high school but then I made friends with this girl Sam, who was super beautiful but unpopular because she had braces until the end of freshman year.
  4. We were sophomores now and she was on the rise.
  5. So I was on the rise with her.
  6. Sleepovers at her place were the best because she was very unsupervised.
  7. And her mom didn't care when we stole her makeup.
  8. Anyway, one night in late November, we got dressed up in secret because her parents were going to bed and they thought we were already asleep.
  9. But we actually snuck out to meet Sam's college boyfriend and his friend.
  10. We went to a college party, where I learned that I was no good at beer pong but very good at getting drunk while playing it.
  11. Though we didn't stay long because the party became v uncool v quickly and the boys couldn't be seen at an uncool party, u know?
  12. And then we went to Walmart because Sam's boyfriend had to get condoms.
    ?????? Like for real, I thought this was super ok and I realize now that it's not ???
  13. Sam and the guy had sex in the car after he got back to her place.
  14. While his friend and I huddled together outside because it was freezing and neither of us could go anywhere until they were done?
  15. So then they finish and Sam and I go inside and she's telling me that his friend wants to have sex with me.
  16. And I am a VIRGIN at this point.
  17. Because I was on the rise but not pretty.
    (I swear to you I still don't think I'm pretty because of the assholes I went to high school with. They fucked me up that bad. Kids suck, fr.)
  18. And that's actually another story for another time.
  19. Anyway.
  20. Sam and I snuck out many times, even after her and this boy broke up.
    Although it wasn't really breaking up, he just stopped talking to her until he wanted sex + repeated that a million times until she found someone new to do this dance with.
  21. But breaking the rules wasn't really my brand until college, where I started to get tattoos and made friends with my tattoo artist and frequently rode around with him on his motorcycle and got drunk at frat parties and cried many tears over silly silly boys.
  22. Which is actually my #1 on brand thing. Crying over silly boys.
  23. The end.