OK I have to start this by saying that I'm leaving him + his band anonymous, EVEN IF you guess correctly.
  1. To start, I found out about this band a few years ago and fell head over heels for their music.
  2. Last spring they released their first "official" album and I tweeted about how rad it was.
  3. My friend that I worked with in the past then contacted me to say that she KNEW the band because originally they had been this crappy parody band that her and her friend had stalked when they were in High School.
    (Sidenote the world is so small and i can't wrap my brain around how casual it is that she knows someone famous??)
  4. Then they became serious about music (and I use that word loosely) and now every time they come into Columbus, they stay after the show to hang and have drinks.
  5. Let's just refer to the group as Band and the lead singer as Derek from this point on.
  6. Over the summer, Band came into town and my friend (let's call her Jenny) sent me crazy snaps all night of them hanging. I basically cried from jealously.
  7. Anyway, I woke up and had like fifty notifications from Derek, who stalked me through Jenny's phone and then tried to call me and get me to hang out.
  9. Jenny said Band wanted me to join the next time they came to Columbus.
  10. Which brings us to October.
  11. We all went to the place that they were performing and just jammed out and that alone would have been enough for me.
    (Seriously, they give one of the best performances I've ever seen. So interactive. Loud, crazy, fun. Also, being able to walk up and say "I'm on the list" was life fulfilling)
  12. The whole making out thing happened really naturally and wasn't because I'm a groupie that strives for this sort of thing on the reg.
  13. Anyway. After the show they did the signing and picture taking thing while we waited for them outside.
  14. Derek had already started to kinda circle around me. I'm not dumb, I know when a guy likes me. I kinda felt it coming if you know what I mean?
    He found me in the crowd and kept givin me eyes the whole show. IM. NOT. DUMB.
  15. Sidenote part three, Jenny and all of her friends who came were annoyed by this bc I guess Derek never flirts with anybody, even single. The fact that I caught his eye irritated them so much that they haven't spoken to me since.
    It's been MONTHS. I've seen them in public and they pretend they don't know me. Girls are sometimes the worst. But fuck it???
  16. After they finished up, we went to a bar and once there, the rest of Band went off to hang with the other band that was touring with them.
  17. And Derek sat down next to me.
  18. We talked and flirted for a few hours because time goes faster when you're drunk, idk.
  19. I bought him a drink and then he bought me one. We goofed around on snapchat and he told me some cool stuff that him and Band where trying to do for his hometown with the money they made.
  20. He kept accidentally touching me or brushing by me until it wasn't really an accident anymore.
    (It probably was never an accident tbh)
  21. I basically called him out on wanting to kiss me.
  22. Which made him laugh and he admitted that he did.
  23. Neither of us are smokers but I convinced him to come "smoke" with me.
  24. I went out first and he followed a bit after.
  25. He's super tall and I'm a lil person so I had to get on my toes to reach him and he did that boy thing where he put his hand on my waist as he kissed me. I threw in some bottom lip biting because that's genuinely my fave omLORD I love kissing.
  26. Andddd yeah. That's it. That's how I made out with someone famous.
  27. He kissed me on the forehead and asked why I didn't live in New York and I sighed and kept my thoughts about New York being over crowded and over priced to myself.
  28. For a few days he and I kept in contact. At first we only communicated in pictures, which was really cute and right up my alley and made me feel a bit sad about the fact that he and I would never be more. But that was that.
  29. The end.
  30. Oh and like a week ago a song of Band's came on the radio while I was with friends and I turned it up and everyone was like "I love this song!" "Derek is so dreamy!"
  31. And I smiled to myself.
  32. So yeah the end FOR REAL.
    Again, I can't say who it is. But to give you a general idea, if you listen to Indie music you KNOW this band 💯. They're popular enough that they've been on tv/commercials but not so popular that if you don't like indie you know them, if that makes sense???