Maybe indie rock, maybe early 2000s pop, MAYBE BOTH
  1. Always A Waitress
  2. When Will My Skin Be Clear?
  3. Being In Debt (Is Easy To Ignore)
  4. Mom
    remember when Lindsay Lohan came out with the song Daughter to Father and everyone cried? Well, break out the tissues.
  5. Same Boy, Same Shit
  6. I'm Not High-Maintenance, I Just Like High Quality Things
    Material Girl vibes so hard
  7. In Your Car
    -the only love song
  8. I Want To Believe
    -an ode to aliens
  9. Eat Less Meat, Drink More Water
  10. Blooming In Winter
    -a song about healing
  11. Nothing Ever Completely Fits
    maybe about people but mostly about clothes
  12. Laughing When Nobody Else Is
  13. Army
    -an Ellie Goulding cover, sung for my best friend, who deserves a million songs
  14. Only Ok Because I Have To Be (Bonus Track)