(Because I've been alone for a very long time and I'm no longer sure if there's someone out there for me) (even though I know you can't seek validation through a partner and that I need to make my life great by myself, etc etc enjoy this time alone, I know I know I KNOW)
  1. Cry in my car when it's so cold outside that my tears freeze a bit on my face.
  2. Take a scalding hot bath and hold my head under water to listen to my heart beating until it's so loud that I'm absolutely positive I'm still here and I'm ok.
  3. Watch "What If" because it's my go-to movie when I need a feel good reminder that love is not dead and I'm holding out for a best friend who talks as fast as I do.
    (also plz watch this, it's a magical movie with good music and cute animation and Adam Driver is an angel and I have never crushed on anyone as genuinely as I girl crush on Zoe + her bangs)
  4. Eat some of the banana bread that my roommate just pulled out of the oven.
  5. Write a li.st bitching about being alone because that's all you guys ever get from me at this point in my li.st career.
  6. Say "I'm ok" over and over and over again because I am-I'm ok I'm ok I'm ok I'm ok I'm ok I'm