1. Adjusting to my new apartment.
  2. Learning how to cope with homesickness
    And, in turn, the feeling of returning home and it no longer being home for you.
  3. Getting this super rad tattoo for a super rad band, Beach Slang.
    Filthy Luck is a song that makes me feel like I've been punched in the gut, every time I hear it.
  4. Reading books and not finishing them.
  5. Buying too much new makeup.
    Look at dis highlight. LOOK.
  6. Breaking out all of my sweaters.
  7. Going to a Halloween event with my friends.
  8. Dressing up as a Space Girl to that event.
  9. Worrying about my weight.
    Worrying about my worrying.
  10. Putting a bit of pink in my hair.
  11. Desperately craving the attention of one person, who will never give it.
  12. Falling apart. Wanting more from life and also, seemingly seamlessly, feeling like I have all I could ever want.
  13. Missing all of you.
    I never feel like I have anything worth saying anymore but I hope all of you are well and your lives are full.