I have watched this show over and over and over and each time I pick up new things and identify with a different character. It's a fantastic show that's taught me so much (well, until season 10 it was fantastic but that's a whole different list).
  1. Dancing makes you brave.
    Dance it out, always
  2. Tell people you love them as if it's the last time you'll see them.
    Because they might die tomorrow (and often do in grey's)
  3. Sometimes it's just too late and things have gone too sour and you need to let them go. No matter how good they were at the beginning.
  4. People are people no matter what their size.
    (The episode where everyone at the hospital makes fun of the 300lb man kills me. I can barely make it through each time)
  5. He is not the sun. You are.
  6. Therapy is necessary for healing.
  7. Don't sleep with people who care about you if you care about someone else.
  8. Family is everything.
    The family you're born with or the family you create. You choose your family and it's important and special and everything.
  9. Your person isn't always a guy. Maybe it's better if it isn't.
    My person is my best friend. I wouldn't have it any other way.
  10. You don't destroy the people you love.
  11. You can't save people. No matter how much you love them.
  12. Doctoring makes people randy
    Suggested by @kate81