1. Every time that Ross enters a room and says "hi".
  2. When Rachel is finally ready to share her feelings with Ross and he comes back from China with a girlfriend.
  3. Also Julie, when she got a new boyfriend and found a girl waiting for him at the airport with flowers???
  4. Chandler, when he thought he was going to die alone so he called up Janice and she was married and pregnant.
  5. Chandler, every time that he went back to Janice and thought this time would be different.
  6. Rachel+Joey+Phoebe, when they have to call out the group on always wanting to go out without considering how broke they are.
    Help me, I'm poor.
  7. Janice, when she makes Joey spend a whole day with her because "that's how long it takes to love me".
    Same. Same. Same.
  8. Chandler when he freaked out Janice and then chased after her.
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  9. Joey's reaction when Rachel spoils for him that Beth dies in Little Women.
  10. + Joey, when he has to put books in the freezer to keep from getting scared.
  11. Monica, every time she tried to cut her hair super short.
    Girl stop.
  12. When Joey has to be watched to make sure he doesn't eat all of the food.
  13. Joey. "A moo point. It's like, a cows opinion. It just...doesn't matter. It's moo."
  14. Ross when he keeps trying to guess the 50 states and he can't and he gets SO MAD.
    If I know 10 I'm shocked honestly.
  15. Rachel, with her long list of younger guys.
    same girl same.
  16. "Unagi".
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  17. Chandler, when he finds out that Monica originally wanted to sleep with Joey, not him.
    Always the backup tbh
  18. Monica, when she went to sleep with Joey and ended up sleeping with someone else instead.
  19. Rachel, every time someone mentions "we were on a break".
  20. Ross when he's drunk with the wrong people.
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