Or: The preferred twin of the previous list.
  1. Drown in a bathtub of guacamole
  2. Old Rose in Titanic style
    All I'm saying is that I deserve to die and be greeted at the top of a gorgeous stairwell by young Leonardo diCaprio.
  3. In a bookstore
  4. Lifted up by angels
    (Preferably a shirtless Channing Tatum and his sexy stripper friends).
  5. Surrounded by flowers
  6. At a 5 Seconds of Summer concert
    Judge me or join me, I don't care.
  7. Binge watching How To Get Away With Murder
    Because at this point, I can't stop watching, not even to close my eyes and get a moments rest, this show is ruining my life, just end me. End this.
  8. Under my electric blanket during a snowstorm
    gimme all the warm.
  9. For someone I love
    This one is a little dramatic but who wouldn't?
  10. In an avalanche of books
  11. Not at all
    I mean, if I HAD to pick.