But I mean whatever, if it happens it happens.
  1. Choking on a potato chip
    The worst kind of betrayal honestly.
  2. Zombie apocalypse
    At my own hand, obviously. I know my limits. I wouldn't survive beyond the first day anyway.
  3. Elevator accident
    As in, I get stuck and while they're pulling me out, it starts moving again.
  4. Falling off of a cliff
  5. Attacked by a bear
  6. Slip in the shower
  7. Scalding my throat on too hot soup
    I love soup. I trust soup. Soup better not let me down.
  8. Demon possessed house
    I've always hoped that I'd be smart enough to just give em what they want but -shrug-
  9. Anything involving my food
  10. Extreme paper cut
  11. Sleep deprivation
  12. Murder
    But idk, I'm pretty nice so I don't think this one is very realistic.