these are my buttons, don't push them.
  1. You are a band that self promotes with iPhone photography.
    I won't take you seriously with a Nashville filter. I just won't.
  2. You use Instagram to promote some type of dietary supplement.
    I don't want your fucking Thrive, Janice.
  3. You're a self proclaimed photographer, yet all you post are pretty girls that you edit with five layers of filters.
    I mean but congrats on getting to interact with so many hot people.
  4. You post content from OTHER social media.
    If I want to see stuff from tumblr, I'll log onto tumblr, byeee.
  5. You post more than twice a day.
    Not even if it's your god damn wedding do I want to see fifty pictures of you a day. The literal ONLY EXCEPTION to this is Kit Harrington. I will look at pictures of shitty grapefruit and gym weights all day if they're his.
  6. Every single week you post the same long-winded #mcm // #wcw
    I get it, you're in love. Congrats but also some originality is appreciated.
  7. You don't put any effort/thought into what you post. Aka, you don't curate whatsoever.
    I WANT to see pictures of your friends. I don't want to see the same posts of you and your friends doing identical poses week after week, in different outfits.
  8. You put TOO much effort into Instagram.
    Wait, are we really taking this seriously ?