@nathanveshecco is a god damn treasure for this one.
  1. For me, music started in a Saturn, with the windows down. And with my Dad, his fingers on the volume, cranking it up and yelling at me in the backseat-
    "You hear this, Celine? This is rock and roll!"
  2. Sometimes it was Joan Jett (who my dad told me is the truest woman in rock and roll) and sometimes it was The Beatles. And it was everything in between.
  3. What do I love about music? Well, you know...
    To begin with, everything.
  4. I love catchy theme songs at the beginning of shows that I love watching with my friends.
    And the songs IN shows that become things I casually drop in conversations.
  5. I love how when the cassette player that links my iPhone to my car radio breaks (aka every few months) I have to listen to the ACTUAL radio, and sometimes an old song comes on like "Jump" and I'm instantly filled with incredible amounts of joy.
  6. I love the fact that my friends rely on me to play good music when we're getting ready or going on a road trip.
    I love that the right playlist makes all the difference.
  7. I love good music in movies, because it's important and it helps us absorb the message better and it adds to our own life soundtrack.
  8. I love that music links people, like how I'll never hear Human by Jon Bellion the same since I played it for my ex in his car while we were waiting for it to stop raining.
  9. I love that when I couldn't sleep for four months straight, the album Atlas Year One by Sleeping At Last found its way into my heart and helped me close my eyes, finallyfinallyfinally.
  10. I love driving for hours with friends to see an artist we adore play a show.
    This is Lights, the last time she came into town. I pushed my way up front eventually.
  11. I love how sweaty everyone gets and how it smells awful and sweet at the same time and I love that it's hard to hear afterwards so we're all screaming to hear one another the whole way home.
  12. I love patiently waiting for an artist to release their next album.
    (Even when that becomes less and less easy to do because I need their words more and more every passing day)
  13. I love when people recommend me music and when I listen to it for the first time it sounds so much like them that I wonder if maybe our personalities are just scratches and dips on a record.
  14. I love how music shapes us. How it evolves us, takes us to the next level of who we are.
  15. And I love how we can get back to who we were in a certain period of our life by listening to specific songs or albums.
  16. I love that this list is never ending because music is never ending.
  17. What do I love about music?
  18. Everything.