Inspired by @semioccasional
  1. That sticky heat, always covering me in a fine layer of sweat.
    And the nights, which have the perfect amount of breeze to cool me back down.
  2. Sweet smelling perfumes and glittery eye shadows and bright nail polish.
    Chipped within the day, every time.
  3. The way the bottoms of my feet become almost leather from being barefoot all of the time.
  4. Escaping the unbearably hot days in a movie theater.
    Or grabbing drinks on a patio somewhere with slowly rotating fans.
  5. Summer sunsets, which are so beautiful you can't look at them for too long without feeling your chest get tight.
  6. Spending all day at an amusement park and leaving with a bad case of vertigo and sunburn.
  7. Going to the water park, which grabs ahold of my hair and leaves it a tangled chlorine mess.
  8. Eating watermelon chunks with my fingers and licking the juice off when I'm done.
  9. Walking around downtown with an ice cream cone.
    Or just walking around until it's too dark and my legs are tired.
  10. The promise of fall, just when you start to get sick of summer.