on any social media.
  1. First, it's normally never personal.
    Unless it is. You'll know.
  2. A while ago, I started limiting my time on social media. A lot of my anxiety and self confidence issues had to do with comparing myself to others, which mostly occured online.
  3. INTERLUDE: if you've never done a social media break, DO IT. I do them habitually and they are wonderful. It completely resets you.
    -ok, back to your regularly scheduled program-
  4. As I started integrating myself back into online culture, I found that I was able to enjoy myself more when I purposefully followed someone, as opposed to dutifully.
  5. I get overwhelmed when I have a feed on any platform that is just overloaded with content that I don't agree with or find appealing.
  6. I'd rather be able to log on, see stuff I consistently enjoy for like 10 minutes and then go back to my life.
  7. So if I don't follow you back, it's not that I don't like you.
  8. It's not that I think I'm better than anyone.
  9. It's just that I don't know you. Or our content doesn't line up.
  10. And that's ok! Because I follow a lot of people who don't follow ME back. I just like 'em!
  11. That's how it should be, though. You shouldn't be collecting numbers, you should be enjoying yourself.
    And I hope you are. This is the coolest little community💗