I'm over this planet.
  1. The difference between a "small" and a "medium" drink at the movie theater is too much. A medium will make me have to pee every five minutes. You might as well slap a sippy cup lid on the small.
  2. Yesterday I wore a skirt with tights, mid-winter and yet there are still people trying to debate if global warming is real.
  3. We argue about the morality in killing each other but don't even blink when it comes to killing animals-and killing them mercilessly.
  4. I can't afford to live right now. I work and stay home. Every penny goes to bills and insurance and then more bills. And why? Money is a man made concept. I hate this planet.
  5. Boys are dumb as hell and yet I'm attracted to them? I hate this most of all.
  6. I have to be nice to people that are rude to me and all I wanna do is drop kick them.
  7. The zombie apocalypse is near and I don't wanna be here when it happens.
  8. The amount of time that passes between stubbing my toe is long enough that I forget how much it fucking sucks, EVERY SINGLE TIME.
  9. The series finale of HIMYM was a disgrace to human kind. That's the end of that.
  10. Movies will never be as good as they were from the late 80's to early 00's. We have fancier equipment and occasionally spit out a winner but mostly it's all explosions and loud music and slapstick humor.
  11. I'm grateful for feminism but also low key resent it because now that I'm awake to the injustices women face day to day, nothing can ever be the same. And also it's agonizing how, as vocal as I AM about being a feminist I still repress it to an extent because I don't want people to judge me. Idk. I hate all of this.
  12. I never have plans on my day off but everyone wants to hang out with me the days that I work?? Hello???
  13. I live in Ohio. OHIO.
    Honestly, I might as well get abducted-nothing else is really goin on here.
  14. Ok seriously, where's my spaceship? I'm ready when you are fellas.