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    I didn't like how I looked in pictures that I took with a friend.
    Not wearing makeup is both freeing and heartbreaking.
  2. •
    A bachelorette party that went horribly wrong.
    Like, my dad picked me up because I couldn't deal with it.
  3. •
    I drunk texted my coworker (that I have a crush on) and it didn't end well.
    Don't 💩💩 where you eat
  4. •
    Orange Is The New Black
    New season gets real.
  5. •
    The ending to a movie.
    Me Before You? More like Me Crying For Two Hours.
  6. •
    I broke out again as my skin was finally starting to clear up.
    SKIN!!! Y r u the way u r?
  7. •
    I couldn't fall asleep because I was too sad, for literally no reason.
  8. •
    I couldn't fall asleep because I was too sad about how alone I am and how broke I am and how frustrated I am that I don't know what to do with my life even though I'm 24 and everyone else my age that I know has figured it out.
  9. •
    A boy I was talking to lost interest in me.
    ✨Now you see my feelings, now you don't✨
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