i was in Michigan this whole week and it's the most god damn beautiful place that I've ever been to.
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    After nine hours of driving last Saturday, I put my feet up on the balcony and watched this pretty little sun set in the sky.
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    I spent day after day, outside. Kayaking and soaking up the sun.
    (And straining every muscle in my body doing so😅)
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    This picture I got of my parents. I said, "look at each other like you love one another" and then clicked.
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    This sunset, which actually hurt to look at.
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    Kayaking with my Dad in the morning , while the water was still reasonable.
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    (there were no fireworks this year for me but a v patriotic sky)
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    The Dunes and all their glory.
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    This bag of kettle corn, which was as big as my body.
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    The stretches of land that went on uninterrupted for miles.
  10. •
    Every bit of hair on my body that became sun bleached from being outside so often.
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    Spending so much time without makeup that I started to prefer not having it on.
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    The ice cream, which we had twice and the pie which we had once.
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    And finally, packing up our things to go back home.
    Which is actually not happy at all, but I've got a fistful of Polaroids and memories to carry me through the hard times.
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    Michigan, I'll miss you 💙