1. You can't make strong connections with people that last beyond a night or two.
  2. You want to be alone the second you are with other people.
  3. You set out to take a nice, long bath but end up getting out after 10 minutes.
  4. You cared more about losing RT then Trending
    How dare u Nathan.
  5. You are every girl's biggest fan and get the most happiness out of building someone up and making her day.
  6. You no longer get offended when someone attacks you physically because you once spent hours in front of the mirror, clinically picking yourself apart and therefore know your flaws better then anyone else.
    And also physical appearances are just temporary so who cares ya know?
  7. You desperately crave love but the second someone is willing to give it to you, you panic and fuck it up on purpose or ghost them because you're the worst. And speaking of which, you might be me if..
  8. You're the worst.
  9. You resent people who do things for you/interact with you because of your looks but then the second someone doesn't you're like...hello??
  10. You grew up wanting to be Rory but ended up Lorelai.
  11. You read more then you socialize but still think you could read more.
  12. You have a sharp tongue.
  13. You are mostly coffee pretending to be a person.
  14. You have a complicated relationship with food.
  15. You hear songs differently depending on your mood/the weather you listen to it in.
  16. You sleep with people that you already know won't call you back.
  17. You wear mom jeans.
  18. You couldn't imagine being tied to anyone, ever and just want to be free.
  19. Giphy