I'm almost always early, and very rarely late. If I'm going to be late, though, it's most likely due to one or more of these:
  1. Solitaire
    I have a solitaire app, 3D Solitaire by Grass Games, on my phone, and it is so addictive. I'm currently obsessed with a game called Gaps.
  2. Reading or listening to a book
    I'm listening to Agatha Christie's Nemesis and reading a cute mystery called Romeow and Juliet.
  3. Traffic
    Sometimes Florida drivers really are like the 100-year-old snowbirds in movies. There is a gas pedal down there next to the brake, old lady! Try using it!
  4. My cat is adorable
    Obviously he needs his minimum daily allotment of snuggles.
  5. Zzz
    Four o'clock in the morning is really, really early.