1. Wendy's
    They hired me, in part, for my hair. I played Wendy in parades and charity and community events. Go gingers! I still have the dress.
  2. Stuart's
    It was a juniors' clothing store in the mall. I loved my discount and also the surfers and skaters in the store opposite mine.
  3. Wendy's
    The district manager at Stuart's berated me in front of the store managers from five or six stores in the district for not catching my assistant manager's mistakes. I immediately went to Wendy's and got my old job back.
  4. Payless
    Sweet unicorns, how I love shoes. I loved that discount, too.
  5. A consignment shop.
    I don't remember the name. Mr Touchy-Grabby bought it for his wife. She wasn't a very good manager, and he was awful. I lasted about a month, and I made my friend go with me in his Sheriff's Deputy uniform to pick up my last check.
  6. Simply Six.
    Cheap fashion. Terrible manager. It was still sort of fun, though.
  7. NADEP Pensacola
    I worked as a contractor in Logistics for H3 helicopters as a Computer Programmer II. Mostly I answered phones and edited enormously long documents called airframe changes. I also read a lot, and learned to play Minesweeper like a pro. I wasn't the slacker this makes me seem, though. This was during the Base Realignment and Closure in the early 90s, and the only reason the job was even available was the fact that the department was being moved out of state and all they needed was a receptionist.