Things I Hate About Working in a Grocery Store

I work in customer service in a major grocery chain, and I love my job. My store is incredible, the overwhelming majority of our customers are genuinely nice people, and my team is pretty fantastic. This is truly my favorite of all my jobs. No matter how much you love your job, though, there will always be those few things that make you crazy.
  1. Reusable bags
    They never look like this. They're usually dirty, there's almost always a pile of receipts and shopping lists in the bottom of at least one, and more times than not, they advertise a competitor. Also, they don't fit into our bagging area, so they take up room on the register counter that I don't really have to spare. The worst thing about this particular hatred is the guilt, because I care about the earth and about recycling, and I use reusable bags, too. But oh, how I hate bagging into them.
  2. "I'd like to speak to a manager."
    Yes, ma'am. I AM the customer service manager. I understand that you're upset, but policy will not allow me to take a coupon that expired nine months ago, nor can I give you a cash refund on a product that you did not buy here, and I know you did not buy it here because this is a grocery store and that is a pair of shoes. I apologize for the inconvenience, and I'd be happy to look for another way to meet your needs. You certainly can call corporate if you'd like. Let me get that number for you.
  3. Yes, I'm sure there's no more in the back
    I apologize for the inconvenience, but we are temporarily sold out of water, bread, batteries, charcoal, and beer. Yes, we will be getting more in as soon as possible, but the hurricane that's been off the coast for the last five days has slowed things down a bit and the shoppers who were here earlier than five minutes before our widely-advertised emergency closing time have already bought everything we have. Also, for some reason I truly cannot grasp, they've also bought all the ice cream.
  4. This
  5. And this
  6. And this
  7. And this
  8. And this
    Oh my god, just put the cart in the corral! How difficult is it?
  9. This at the checkout
    You want me to put your bagged groceries in your cart? Take your kid out of it. Leave your kid in and you can load it yourself. I'm not going to be responsible for anything that happens to your kid while loading three gallons of bleach, 20 pounds of potatoes, and half the meat department in around him or her. (Obviously this does not apply to children sitting in the child seat.)
  10. Lazy or Asshole?
    If you change your mind and can't be bothered to put it back yourself, just hand it to the cashier and he or she will make sure it gets put away properly. The amount of food wasted by people who just set refrigerated or frozen items on a shelf somewhere is infuriating.