Things I Love About The World I Live In

I live in the US, in Florida, and sometimes in my imagination or a book or movie or game.
  1. My car has what would be described in a classified ad as "ice-cold AC."
    I live in Florida. It was 94° out at 9:30 tonight, but it was only 72° in my car, and it only took a few minutes to cool down.
  2. I wanted tots at 9:30 tonight, and 20 minutes later I was eating them in the comfort of my pajamas.
    Fresh, hot, perfectly crispy.
  3. I was also drinking a cherry limeade.
    The only thing better is a frozen cherry limeade, but I've been fighting a migraine all day and I'm not about to add brain freeze to that nightmare.
  4. My cat is awesome.
    His name is Linus, and he is adorable and funny and sweet.
  5. I have discovered BookBub, which gives me links to super-cheap and free ebooks.
    Often the Kindle books have narration available through Audible for a low price as an add-on, too.