1. Laundry
    I need to sort, wash, dry, fold/hang, and put away about 30,000 articles of clothing. I am not excited about this.
  2. Organize my bedroom
    Right now it's as organized as a toddler's toy box, assuming the toddler is in charge of her own toy box—organization strategy. Possibly slightly less organized.
  3. Research bullet journals
    They seem like my cup of tea. I want to organize myself, plan for and track life events, and have a place to express myself. I am a nerd, though, and the research is half the fun. Must research.
  4. Plan my weekly menu
    I just rejoined Slimming World, as much for the healthiness as for the weight loss. Now I get to plan my menu! There will probably be a list for this.
  5. Mani/pedi
    But maybe not. Depends on whether I can summon the energy to find the right nail polish.
  6. Finish my book
    I'm reading Guilt by Association, by Marcia Clark. I'm really enjoying it, and I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the Rachel Knight series.
  7. Pet my cat
    He is so snuggly and sweet and cute.