1. Organize my bedroom
    I'd forgotten my last-minute packing frenzy while I was on vacation. Those frantic moments as I desperately tried to find my contact juice and the left sparkly black ballet flat and the SPF 100 sunscreen had all drifted out of my mind. When I came home and opened my bedroom door, my first thought was, "They only robbed my bedroom?"
  2. Put the clean clothes away
    My least favorite part of doing the laundry. I will fold socks all day long and be happy while I do it, but I really don't want to have to put even a single pair away. It's soul crushing.
  3. Wash clothes for work
    No matter how hard I wish for it, I still do not own a self-cleaning uniform shirt.
  4. Make dinner
    No idea what I want, though. Except I may have just developed a bizarre craving for beanie weenies. I should just go with it.