(And in some cases, maybe judge a little)
  1. Partner Facebook accounts
    SuzeAndJim Smith. I honestly don't understand this one. It's not a cost-saving thing. Is it a trust thing? Like maybe Suze isn't comfortable with the idea that Jim had his very own Facebook friends and messenger and all that? There may well be a logical, non-controlly reason, but it hasn't occurred to me yet. Is it that Jim can't be bothered to respond to all posts his mom tags him in and Suze gets stuck doing it, so she might as well get credit for it? I really don't understand.
  2. "Well-Qualified Lessees"
    No. The lessee is either qualified or unqualified for the spectacular deal being offered. Requirements for qualification might be especially high, but that doesn't change the fact that if someone is qualified for something, that person is qualified. The car commercials get on my nerves for many reasons, and this is right up the top of the list. It's like saying something is very unique. Why?
  3. Bacon in everything
    This seems to be going away, finally, and I'm okay with that. For quite a while, though, everything edible was considered better with bacon. I love bacon. It's one of my favorite foods. But I don't want it in my drinks and I don't want it in my desserts.
  4. Salted caramel
    Why? Caramel is perfect as it is. I don't understand how adding salt is supposed to improve it. I've tried all sorts of salted caramel things, and mostly end up wishing I could taste the stuff through all the salt.