A strange mountain town.
  1. Ask anyone on the street to name a local farmer. They will.
  2. Freezing fog
    That's a thing and it sucks.
  3. Ridiculous temperature fluctuations.
    I've worn shorts hours before it snowed a number of times.
  4. The locals are "true" hippies
  5. Pot jokes everywhere
    High country, self evident.
  6. You want a donation based organic grocery store? You've got 3.
  7. Wolfies Sandwiches seems to run on a seemingly quantum timescale for their hours
    If you want to eat there, they're closed. Too full to take another bite? Open and cooking.
  8. Floridian tourists.
    They either drive 10 over or 10 under the speed limit.
  9. The "Dos" vs "Los" debate divides everyone.
    It's Mexican food of equivalent quality.