A cold day in late February 2013
  1. Returning from grocery shopping with my roommate, Will, we board the bus. Red route.
  2. It's nearly full, there are two seats left at the back.
  3. A woman sits across from the open seats, her bags taking up the seats next to her.
  4. She's wearing one purple glove.
  5. Her hair is a mess, her coat is misbuttoned
  6. She's wearing one purple glove, the other hand is bare.
  7. My roommate and I are talking quietly
  8. She begins to hum "I like to eat apples and bananas"
  9. Slowly, it builds, until she is singing the words out loud
  10. Suddenly she stops and stares me directly in the eyes and shouts "YOU LOOK LIKE A BANANA!"
  11. I'm surprised, but maybe flattered?
  12. I'll take it as a compliment.
  13. Fin.