From a twenty-something that knows very little
  1. Forgiveness is a wonderful thing
  2. A similar taste in music isn't necessary, but it sure is nice
  3. Find a song to be "yours"
  4. Be with a person who makes your weaknesses feel like strenghts
  5. Crying is totally okay
  6. You can't set yourself on fire to keep your partner warm
  7. Secrets are fun to share, but poisonous to keep
  8. Your first love feels like your last
  9. Complete yourself, don't expect your partner to fill your gaps.
  10. You will have bad days
  11. Keep old memories fond, don't pine for a time gone by
  12. Anticipation is one of the best - and worst -feelings one can experience
  13. Be with someone who can still make your heart weak every time you see them
  14. Admiration is just as powerful, if not more powerful, than love.
  15. Be with someone who doesn't just leave you speechless, but someone who makes your tongue too weak to form words
  16. Many things may break you, but nothing will destroy you completely.
  17. Love isn't missing someone every time they're not around to the point that it hurts, it's knowing that even though they're away, they're still with you, always.
  18. Share things that irritate you, tactfully, or you will grow to resent it.
  19. Fearing that your partner doesn't love you will hurt both of you immensely