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All of these are comedy oriented because I'm only into podcasts for a good time. (Most are Earwolf podcasts too.)
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    Hollywood Handbook
    This is my favorite podcast of all time. It may not be extremely accessible on the first few listens but if you go a little further, you will be hooked. I am in tears a lot during this show. Suggested Episode: "Deadpool, Our Close Friend"
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    The Worst Idea of All Time
    The title says it all, it's a terrible idea for a podcast. Two guys watch the same movie every week and give a review on it. It's a glimpse into insanity that you'll have to listen to. Plus the episodes are only 20 minutes long so it is not too much of a commitment (for you). Suggested Episode: I'd suggest you start from the beginning so you can hear the buddings of insanity already forming in their naive brains.
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    U Talking U2 to Me?
    If you like dry humor and people talking about U2, this is the podcast for you. I'm not really a fan of U2 but I am a fan of Adam Scott and Scott Aukerman. They make this podcast hilarious and painful all at the same time. Suggested Episode: "The Joshua Tree"
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I just wanted to make a small list of a few bands that I believe need more exposure because of the interesting things they are doing with modern music. *For each band I am suggesting a song that I think a normal person will enjoy and a song that bridges more into an experimental/weird sound.*
  1. James Blake
    James Blake has always been a huge force in the electronic scene. He creates textures in his songs that are truly unreal. Plus his voice could probably swoon any lady listening. Suggested Song: Retrograde Get Weirder: To Care (Like You)
  2. Kins
    The band Kins leans more into an indie sound but they are less hipster-esque (which is always a plus) The songs carry on into such a degree that you can sometimes feel yourself moving into calm, empty headspace. I suggest listening to this band while driving. Suggested Song: Mockasin's. Get Weirder: Charlie
  3. Baths
    Baths is one of those artists that constantly pushes boundaries within their music. If you like crazy electronics and strange samples, definitely try them out. Suggested Song: Maximalist Get Weirder: Miasma Sky
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