Some of My Favorite Unique Bands (With Suggested Songs)

I just wanted to make a small list of a few bands that I believe need more exposure because of the interesting things they are doing with modern music. *For each band I am suggesting a song that I think a normal person will enjoy and a song that bridges more into an experimental/weird sound.*
  1. James Blake
    James Blake has always been a huge force in the electronic scene. He creates textures in his songs that are truly unreal. Plus his voice could probably swoon any lady listening. Suggested Song: Retrograde Get Weirder: To Care (Like You)
  2. Kins
    The band Kins leans more into an indie sound but they are less hipster-esque (which is always a plus) The songs carry on into such a degree that you can sometimes feel yourself moving into calm, empty headspace. I suggest listening to this band while driving. Suggested Song: Mockasin's. Get Weirder: Charlie
  3. Baths
    Baths is one of those artists that constantly pushes boundaries within their music. If you like crazy electronics and strange samples, definitely try them out. Suggested Song: Maximalist Get Weirder: Miasma Sky
  4. Alt-j
    I know this band seems super pretentious but hear me out. Alt-j has a crappy fan base but their music is actually really forward-thinking and unique. You just have to dodge the potheads. Suggested Song: Matilda Get Weirder: Hunger of the Pine
  5. Gold Panda
    When I was in middle school, this was one of the only artists that I ever listened to. Gold panda has a great mix of ethnic instruments synced with electronic beats. His samples have always blown my mind. Suggested Song: You Get Weirder: Same Dream China
  6. Dan Deacon
    WATCH VIDEO OF THIS GUY LIVE! I've always loved bands that have shows that are just just huge dance parties. Dan Deacon delivers. (Also he was a guest on one of my favorite podcasts "Improv4Humans" and he did great.) Suggested Song: Feel the Lightning Get Weirder: When I was Done Dying
  7. D.D. Dumbo
    This guy needs more exposure. You should watch his NPR performance so you can get a full view on what he does. This is another example of an artist creating his own, completely unique, sound. Suggested Song: Tropical Oceans Get Weirder: Alihukwe
  8. Nicolas Jaar
    Nicolas Jaar is one of my favorite producers. He holds the tension in his songs so well that almost don't realize you have been just sitting in the student union for 30 minutes staring at a wall. Suggested Song: Fight. Get Weirder: No One is Looking at U
  9. Mount Kimbie
    These guys are insane. They definitely know their way around intricate electronics and it shows. Their music is so layered and so dance-y. Suggested Song: Carbonated. Get Weirder: Made to Stray
  10. Adult Jazz *My all-time favorite*
    I definitely could ramble about this band for years but I'm going to keep it short. Adult Jazz's debut album is incredible. The originality and intricacy will keep you engaged throughout the entire album. Suggested Song: Am Gone Get Weirder: Springful