5 Things I Loved About Lost.

  1. John Locke - Walkabout. Orange. Backgammon. Knives. Boars. The Hatch. Don't Tell Me What I Can't Do. Damn I loved him.
  2. Flash forward. Maybe one of the most brilliant reveals/change ups on tv. The entire episode appeared to be a flashback...until Kate showed up at the airport.
  3. Desmond Hume is my constant - The Constant was visually fantastic and took you inside his head and made you ache to get him where he wanted to be when he needed to be there. Phone call to Penny was inspiring.
  4. Sawyer-isms - Go on youtube and search Sawyer nicknames. Trust me.
  5. Hugo "Hurley" Reyes - He's the guy you'd want to hang out with after crashing on a island. He says what everyone's thinking but is lovable as hell.