Fictional Characters I'd Date

  1. Gilbert Blythe - Why did Anne make him suffer so long? I'd have been on it.
  2. Rafael Solano - Again, why is he rebuffed, female protagonist? If Jane doesn't want him...
  3. Pacey Witter - Witt-y, down and outer and hopeless romantic.
  4. Noel Crane - Boy next door. Adorable. Felicity had tunnel vision elsewhere the entire series. Fool.
  5. Shane Walsh - Because he was fiiiine. Pre-Apocalypse only though. He was straight up insane after.
  6. Rick Grimes - Blood, sweat and beards never looked so good.
  7. Nick Miller - But season one only, when he was angry and angsty.
  8. Mr Darcy - Colin Firth. Nuff said.
  9. Doug Heffernan - He's funny and sweet. Carrie was always so mean to him :(
  10. Sheriff Graham - The Huntsman.
  11. Westley - He can keep you alive in the fire swamp and he appreciates perfect breasts. Good enough.
  12. Jayne Cobb - Bad boy with potential.