Sequels that might be (are) better than the originals.

  1. Captain America: The Winter Soldier - For the Fury car chase scene alone, if nothing else. Add in Sebastian Stan facing off with the Cap, his fellow iceman. The pace was brisker and more action packed than the first. Winnah.
  2. The Santa Clause 2 - So. Much. Fun. Minus the stress of custody battles in the first film and excessive and confusing time jumps in the third. Plus Toy Santa was THE BEST.
  3. Empire Strikes Back - It is a truth universally acknowledged, this one is the best. Hoth. Obi Wan. Dagobah. Yoda. Lando. Cloud City. Boba Fett. I love you...I know. Luke, I am your father. I wanna go watch it right now!