Why Two Guys a Girl and a Pizza Place Was the Greatest Sitcom Everyone Forgot Existed

I just recently learned they are FINALLY releasing this amazing series on Dvd and I'm doing shots and cartwheels in my backyard in celebration. Not the best idea btw. But if any of you are old enough and lucky enough to remember this show, here's a few reasons why it was so great.
  1. Berg - pre Deadpool Ryan Reynolds testing medical products and exceeding the recommended dosage x10 with hilarious results.
  2. Pete enthusiastically singing The Monkees tune 'Pleasant Valley Sunday' whenever he fell in love. Constantly searching for "the one" and trying and failing to stay out of Berg's shenanigans.
  3. Mr Bauer - Played by David Ogden Stiers, each week he brilliantly recounted stories from his life that all turned out to be popular movie plots.
  4. Sharon's continual crisis of conscience, or lack thereof, working as PR for Immaculate Chemicals. She really loves her beemer.
  5. Irene - Bat shit crazy neighbor who stalks Pete. Eventually she and Berg start hooking up on the sly and end up falling in love.
  6. Ashley's cutting yet comedic sarcasm/rivalry/sexscapades in her back and forth with Berg at medical school. Late series she and Pete find love. Awww.
  7. The Internet Show finale - They filmed several different endings and let fans vote live to decide which couple was knocked up. This was pre-American idol so kind of cutting edge stuff for a sitcom back then.