On election night, a sleeping Donald's bed is gingerly placed into an elaborate set. When he wakes, he's told he's won and has TOTAL power! We get to watch the nutty narcissistic hyjinx play out in this weekly episodical dramady!
  1. Wakey wakey! (Pilot)
  2. The "MEnauguration"
  3. The Gold House.
    House painting company's bid. We giggle.
  4. The one with Putin
  5. How's my wall doin?
  6. Orgy!
  7. Congress Schmongress
  8. The Christmasing
  9. Ivanka learns to drive
  10. What's this button for?
  11. Did somebody say orange?
  12. Rioters lament.
  13. Hey Countess, pull my finger
  14. The Trouble with the Trannies
  15. Glampfire Girls