1. 10. Convince Pere Carroll to hand the ball off to Marshawn Lynch at the one yard line.
  2. 9. Get Angry Beavers to be renewed indefinitely.
  3. 8. Stop Ray J and Kim Kardashian from meeting.
  4. 7. Steal the Declaration of Independence before Nicolas Cage made it cool.
  5. 6. Show Lindsay Lohan her future in order for her to change her ways.
  6. 5. Take the early materials for Steven Universe to make the show's obsessive fans disappear.
  7. 4. Get a sports almanac in the future and make a fortune in the past. (Entry provided by a Mr. Tannen.)
  8. 3. Go back and get George Washington to fully convince the government to not have political parties.
  9. 2. Make Sandy Cheeks the main character instead of SpongeBob.
  10. 1. Convince a younger me to start being funny.