In preparation for my 25 Days of Listmas starting December 1st.
  1. 10. You've been known to sing Christmas carols while you were drunk on St. Patrick's Day.
  2. 9. Everyday, you hunt for deals on ugly Christmas sweaters.
  3. 8. You use so many lights for your house that your electric bill is easily in the thousands.
  4. 7. You can actually eat fruitcake.
  5. 6. When Black Friday rolls around, you're more rabid than a nerd trying to get Star Wars tickets.
  6. 5. Eight words: Mountains of It's a Wonderful Life fan fiction.
  7. 4. Making "romantic" phone calls to Santa Claus has become a nightly occurrence.
  8. 3. Everyday, you dream of getting Sandy Cheeks covered in gift wrap. (Oh wait, that's just me.)
  9. 2. You're an executive in the retail industry.
  10. 1. You're gonna spend an entire month making Christmas and holiday related lists on your Facebook and ListApp pages.