1. 10. Everybody you know sarcastically refers to you as Jacob.
  2. 9. You can never finish second in anything for the fear a silver medal might accidentally kill you.
  3. 8. All that blood and flesh you chomp on gives you really bad wolf breath.
  4. 7. Whenever you're in London, all the Chinese restaurants expect you to order the beef chow mein.
  5. 6. Having to spend a fortune on elastic clothes so you'll still have something to wear when you change back.
  6. 5. Every teenage girl thinks you're cute and wants to adopt you. Now that's what I call a PET peeve.
  7. 4. Having to spend an even bigger fortune on shaving gear.
  8. 3. Those times when your howling is very off-key.
  9. 2. Knowing that you'll be less frightening if somebody gives you a belly rub.
  10. 1. You're only considered interesting once in a full moon.