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  1. Childhood friendships:building the dam in It
  2. Awks teenagey feels:everything in Warm Bodies
  3. Adult friendships:shrunken appleheads and red boots in All About Steve
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  1. If I won $1m I would buy a hammerhead shark and name her Clementine.I would train her to protect me in the ocean incase I ever swim in the ocean.I would train her to survive in fresh water too so I could keep her in my pool to scare children and assholes.One day I will go missing and everyone will blame Clementine. But I will be in Aruba.
  2. I am 400% convinced "Andie MacDowell" is a clone.Our Andie died of old age long ago.
  3. The Sean Penn truth is simple - just because you had a crush on him in high school doesn't mean he's not a douche.
  1. "How do zombies operate?"
    A completely sober serious question asked out of the blue.Reason never explained.
  2. "If there is a fight I am filming it!"
    High five!
  3. "Honestly dude,dude...honestly?"
    Translated to "srsly."
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  1. It vindicates the completely reasonable fear of moths
  2. It has slutty witches
  3. It has the perfect relationship of bitchery
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In no particular order, except the first 3
  1. My sister's painting
  2. My dad's embossing
  3. My wife's art
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In no particular order
  1. Marie Antionette
  2. Inception
  3. Single White Female
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  1. Confetti
  2. My niece
  3. The scene in We Are Your Friends at the party where Zac Efron explains music
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  1. Read facebook posts aloud
  2. Always tells me I am wrong about everything
  3. Never believes me
  1. Shark attacks 2016
  2. Weird animals 2016
  3. Weird animals 2015
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