Sure it treats pain, but I wish everyone knew all the other great things acupuncture treats! Here are some...
  1. Migraines
    It helps if you are consistently having treatments but in the thick of migraine pain, Advil at any costs.
  2. PMS
    A few sessions and an herbal formula a couple weeks before your period could prevent a breakup, quitting your job, firing someone, picking apart your bestie, eating the box of cookies, sleeping 10 hours a night with a nap during the day...oooh I could go on
  3. Anxiety
    Overall, it helps to smooth out the anxiousness. And yes, I needle myself the night before an important audition or shoot or meeting or after talking with my mum.
  4. Wrinkles
    Oh yeah. Not the ones that are locked in already but the superficial ones. Needles. Facial. Sleep.
  5. Over-thinking
    Seriously helps. There's an amazing point on the top of the head that settles everything. Bai hui, which actually translates as 100 meetings or convergences. After needling it on a patient, she said it was as if the blinds were pulled down and she could finally just STOP. My favorite point