After having dinner with a friend who was totally lost about how to survive her PMS...we talked strategy.
  1. Know when your menses is coming📅
    I know it seems strange to list it, but so many women don't know and once they realize that they are pms-ing, life seems better, the intense emotions carry less weight. When patients would come in and tell me that they are abnormally anxious, tired or sad. I refer to their chart and, oh, your period is due to arrive in three days. They immediate feel a little better
  2. Start taking Xiao Yao San
    Two weeks after Day one. The day you start bleeding is day one. It's translated as free and easy wanderer. According to Chinese text it soothes the liver qi (better than a glass of wine). It comes in all forms and it is such a wonderful herbal concoction to have in your medicine cabinet
  3. Eat protein 🍗🍔🍣
    It can help with the anxiety and the ravenous appetite that can occur before your menses begins. People often over eat on various things before day one because they are looking for energy. Sugar and carbs are short term fixes. Your body needs to prepare for the blood loss, eat protein.
  4. Drink lots of water
    For the bloating
  5. Exercise🏃🚴🏻🏊🏽
    Run. Walk. Yoga. It helps the fatigue, the bloating, the overthinking.
  6. Talk with someone or write write write
    About the emotions you are feeling. Get the thoughts out of you! For me, it's one of the most creative times of the month.
  7. Try to NOT overeat
    The carbs, the sugar. The chocolate. It's a short turn fix and it will only make you feel worse the next day
  8. Acupuncture does help
    Im not practicing now, but for years I would have patients who previously came in for something else (some sort of pain) come back for acupuncture sessions before their menses. It calmed them, helped with the fatigue and anxiety, cramps and more.