Married into a Chinese herb dynasty, can't help but have favorite herbs.
  1. Huang Qi
    Astragalus is such a powerful herb used to help stop (profuse) sweating and edema, and who doesn't want that? But even better, it tonifies qi which means it boosts the immune system, and who doesn't want THAT?
  2. Da Zao
    Jujube-this herb also helps boost the immune system but it also nourishes the blood and I love this..."calms the spirit". My mother in law loves to include this herb in her delicious meals. It's also great to add to congee (like a rice soup) for a little more nutrients.
  3. Gou Qi Zi
    Gou qi berries- classically it nourishes qi and blood specially targeting the Kidneys and Liver. And it's great for eye sight "brightens the eyes." I get a big bag, wash them and eat them like raisins, but they are also great cooked and thrown in sauces and stir fry.
  4. Gan Zao
    Glycyrrhizae- don't ask me to say it, but common name is licorice. Obviously not twizzlers but I love those too. If gan cao was a country, it would be Switzerland. It harmonizes the other herbs in formulations that may be bitter or sour or too hot or too cold. It's neutral.
  5. Ju Hua
    Chrysanthemum. It's in so many beverages sold in Chinese supermarkets. Great for colds AND it looks so pretty when you are making a formula. Sometimes I'll put one or two dried flowers in my tea ball with my green tea leaves if I feel a cold coming on.