I had it on Monday and I really wanted this one!
  1. Mixed feelings
    The first take was really. Not sure of the second take. But I'm my worst judge. When I think I did amazing, I don't get called. When I think I messed it up, I get a callback
  2. The nausea has subsided and I find myself starving
    I can only have crackers or pretzels and chamomile tea before an audition. Or I eat, but it usually doesn't settle well. After the audition, I need nutrients.
  3. I mentally exhaust myself going over the audition in my head while eating
  4. Hope for a call in 24 hours
    I think I connected well. I was off book. I really hope for a call back, it could happen
  5. Hope for a call within 48 hours
    It doesn't shoot for a couple weeks, they could call me today too. By 7, I'm feeling bad but keep it well hidden
  6. Day three I feel totally sick and sad like I lost something precious
    The opportunity, the experience. Can't eat
  7. Self doubt
    Do I suck? I should've been more connected. I should looked the other way. I can't believe I even went in thinking I could get the part
  8. Mourning
    I'm sad I didn't get it. Chocolate, swedish fish and wine are my comforts
  9. Let it go
    Maybe it wasn't the right part for me. Maybe I should've been even more prepared. I learned something from this experience.
  10. Hope for another great opportunity
    James Caan said that if you miss the bus eventually there will be another one. I'm still working on 6-8 but I'm THINKING about 9.
  11. And then they call you (over a week later!!!!) and you find out you book it💃